Welcome to CreateTailwind

A Community Designed to Help You Create Wealth You Control - Today

What Would it Feel Like to Have True Wealth for You and Your Family?

We know what it's like to be worried about the future and wonder if you're going to have enough. That's why we have made it our life's mission to teach people how to take back control and create a secure future for themselves.

CreateTailwind is designed to give you the power and knowledge to take control of your finances, become your own banker and create the true wealth you have been seeking.

Based on the Infinite Banking Concept, CreateTailwind teaches people like you to create wealth without Wall Street and financial planners.

Break Away from the Herd

It is our goal to provide the resources and information to help people break from the herd and build wealth the way rich people do. 

We help you escape the traditional rules of money and eliminate the noise that you’ve been taught your entire life. These rules only serve to enslave, keep you poor or - at best - land you in the middle class.

The CreateTailwind community is an all-in-one IBC resource that includes on-demand training, live video events and the digital resources you need to create true wealth in your life.


Here's everything included in the community: 


The CreateTailwind community is a growing movement of over 1,000 peers taking their finances and futures into their own hands.


CreateTailwind is a safe place to have conversations, ask questions and get answers about your finances and wealth that you can't have elsewhere.


Access courses designed to train you in everything you need to know to be successful with IBC and create true wealth. 


Access a library of previously recorded Q&A video calls with IBC experts. This is where your peers asked personal questions and got answers you won't find anywhere else.


Enhance your learning with new resources added every week. Access helpful ideas, articles, videos and more!